Stupid Things I’ve Been Told As Someone With Mental Illness

  1. “Have you tried exercising?”This is in itself is not an entirely stupid thing to say to someone struggling with depression. Exercise does help. However, if that person has been struggling with depression for 10 years and also does dance as part of their degree… then yeah, it’s a really fucking stupid thing to say.
  2. “Do you really think you should aim for a first in your degree? Considering your mental health.”Would you say that to someone in a wheelchair? No, didn’t think so. So shut it.
  3. “People with depression need tough love.”I am pretty sure we don’t. I am pretty sure we’ll cry if you give us tough love. What does that even mean anyway? Someone who feels worthless doesn’t need you attacking them too! Tough love doesn’t work with depression.
  4. “You’re quite young to be on anti-depressants!”What exactly do you want me to say to that? Ah yes, doctor, I am quite young, I think it was all a mistake actually, please take me off my medication? Spoiler: I’m not going to say that.
  5. “Staying off university won’t solve anything.”No, you’re right, it won’t solve anything. But when you figure out how to get me to uni, when I can’t even get out of bed, you let me know. And I’ll do it.

If you’ve ever thought or said anything similar to these things, it’s okay! Everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay as long as you learn from them. Peace and love, people.


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